The Lakewood Neighbors Declaration


Bentzion Turin
Rob Lawson
Daniel Czermak
Ben Schechter
Nechama Basser
Lauren Roth
Rabbi Aaron Kotler
Joseph Marbach
Yitzchak Feig
Shmuel Lefkowitz
Hindy Langer
Shana Weinstein
Sam Ellenbogen
Michael Waldner
Baruch Kaluszyner
Shneur Kotler

Barry Iann
Violeta Peters
Michael J. D’Elia
Ari Krug
Simon Blum
Dovid Becker
Chanie Jacobowitz
Bentzy Treisser
Ari Berkowitz
Isaac Akerman
Mayor Michael Reina
Adam Pfeffer
Senator Robert Singer
Mordy Burnstein
Moshe Bender
Lior Elyakim

Colin Lewis
Rabbi Yisroel Schenkolewski
Rabbi Shmuel Blech
Lipa Klein
Jacob Goldman
Mayor Ray Coles
Shmuel Iann
C. Z. Smith
Joe Atlas
Avi Schnall
Yaakov Wenger
Eli Steinberg
Ralph Zucker
Sarah Gelbwachs
Ada Gonzalez

Lakewood is a diverse, generous, compassionate, growing, safe, and welcoming town.

Built on the values of faith, family, and community, Lakewood combines a thriving entrepreneurial spirit with unmatched generosity.

As in any diverse and rapidly growing community, Lakewood faces social and civic challenges along with misunderstanding and misrepresentation. Concerned citizens are encouraged to form the Lakewood Neighbors Coalition to understand and confront these challenges while fostering a shared vision of a promising future for our region.

We pledge to participate in a broad coalition of caring stakeholders coming together for Lakewood and its neighbors – realizing, writing, and sharing the ongoing story of a good and strong region.

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